Furcoat favourites: camo comeback

I don’t know, I mean I think you have to careful with camouflage but I can’t help but have a really strong positive feeling towards it at the moment. This despite that year in the 90s when my brother and I were obsessed with the Manic Street Preachers I wore loads of camo – army and navy stores were everything and we both stomped around in tight black combat pants and oversized army shirts, me probably with the feather boa that was required of all MSP fans. I didn’t imagine it would be a trend I’d revisit – if you can call it a trend – but here we are, and I guess that’s what we said about creepers/neon/Meatloaf silk shirts.

I blame Jenna Lyons, who wore army trousers on the red carpet (above) and made it look amazing. That and the perennial Moss obsession.

Here are my favourite camo and camo-ish things at the moment.

1) Topshop Camy Army Jacket, £48 – this is currently on the way to me in the post, as a sad, pathetic alternative to…

2) APC Camouflage Parka,¢310 – aka, the coat of dreams. This is what I really want, and what started the camo obsession, but it’s way too expensive. It’s in the Coggles sale at the moment for £203, but that still feels like too much for something I’d have bought for £4 at that army shop on Abbeydale Road. Even though I know it’s going to be perfect. And will probably help me get a promotion and buy a house.

3) McQ by Alexander McQueen Cotton Blend Jacket, £220.50 – McQ is always good for military-ish bits and this jacket is probably much more grown-up than all the camo stuff I’m obsessing over. Khaki really does go with everything, doesn’t it?

4) Carhartt Army Cap, £25 – skate brands are always good for camo too, as demonstrated with this smashing Carhartt cap. I really, really think this could work with so many looks – although obviously not with anything else camo, ever. Can you even imagine?

5) Alexander McQueen Skull Charm Leather Wrap Bracelet, £125 – OK so it’s khaki, not camo – but there’s still a nice military vibe to this. What do you expect me to wear, dog-tags?* *I totally had MSP dog-tags 😦

6) See by Chloe Camouflage Pouch, £19.99 – I don’t see any reason for keeping your makeup in a grotty old bag, especially when it could be nestled in such a snazzy sales buy from See by Chloe. Like those girls that buy a Chanel lipstick and ask for it be wrapped in a big Chanel bag, buy a little Chloe makeup pouch in the Net-a-Porter sale and bask in the glory of your enormous Net-a-Porter delivery package. It’s like sending flowers to yourself, Clueless style.

7) Alexander Wange Brenda Leather Shoulder Bag, £335 – Wang is another one who you can always rely on to do something a bit military and the olive green shade, multiple pockets and chunky zips on this bag have a pleasingly practical feel.

8) Ray-Ban Aviator Glasses, £90 – pretty sure you can’t write any kind of remotely military-inspired piece without including these. And they’re currently on offer on Cocosa, with over 30% off. Holler if you need an invite.

[Pictures, clockwise from top left: Stockholm Street Style; Style Envy; J Rebecca Style; Virtual Neko; Violent Chef]


2 thoughts on “Furcoat favourites: camo comeback

    1. That is a nice pick Colin! Have you made a decision regarding bringing camo back yourself? I know you were discussing it before…

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