A few new things

I know these posts aren’t particularly spectacular, but I’m all kinds of busy and my unwillingness to pose for photos means that these Instagram pictures will have to do. In a bid to make life more interesting, I’m going to tell you an EXCITING ANECDOTE about all of these new items.

1) Topshop Florida Simple Buckle Sandals – OK, wait, I have nothing exciting to say about these other than that they are pretty awesome and comfy. I guess the main thing to note is the inner bits of shoe are lime green, which is always a good thing. Bad start, soz.

2) Zara Neon Bracelets with Diamante – proper obsessed with neon at the moment and these bracelets sparkle too. Last time I was in Vegas, I won some neon friendship bracelets on a slot machine in some kind of children’s play area… ? I loved those things dearly but somewhere between last summer and this week, I lost ’em. These replacements from Zara have been spotted on the arm of every stylish PR I know recently, so I just had to go and copy them.

This may look like an innocent picture of an arm with nice bracelets on, but the truth is very different. Last night I had to slip ’em off, and use that very arm to reach through my own letter box and undo a mysterious lock, which our new neighbour had inexplicably put on the door. Nothing like breaking into your own home to finish off your evening, and interesting to note that my arm is both slender and long enough to perform, ahem, a reach-around.

3) ASOS Hepburn Sandals – hands down the best shoes I’ve bought in ages. The Baby Spice shoes, as they have been dubbed, are massively comfy and I’ve stomped around all day at work and out into the night with no rubbing or heel pain or anything. BOOM, just want you want from shoes. My (male) colleague is obsessed with them and said they remind him of a Miami beach house, which strangely is exactly the look I was going for. He eulogised so much about them, it got a bit weird. Wore them again and he said just looking at them made him feel like he was sitting on a sunny porch somewhere in America, drinking a cocktail. That is what these shoes will do.

4) Vintage Aluminum Madonna – sometimes my dumb saved searches pay off. This is what ‘1920s religious’ threw up the other week, and now it’s here. I’m sorry to report that the Etsy shop has no such similar treats left in stock but there is a bunch of other fun stuff. I’m not religious, but I do have a keen interest in collecting religious tat and I do get some kind of weird sense of good vibes from this little thing. I don’t know its history and I don’t know if it is as old as they say, but any kind of Madonna doodad that’s been around a long time has to have been witness to some cool stuff, right?


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