Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Take a photo tour of Andrew WK’s apartment!! Yes please. My favourite part is the painting of him walking in on me, or at least someone who looks a hell of a lot like me, in the bath. Here! [Picture: Paper Mag]

2) Thanks Harriet for pointing me in the direction of the Surrealist Chart of Erotic Hand Signalling. I’ll urticate anyone that asks. Yes, I looked it up. [Picture: Brain Pickings]

3) As part of the London Festival of Architecture, Peter Murray (the event’s founder) is going a-hunting for pineapples. Once seen as a symbol of hospitality, there are pineapples all over this fine city and the LFA has taken on the motif to help welcome the world to London this summer. I’m slightly confused about the actual event info, but you can find out a bit more about it here and see a fine Flickr set here of London’s finest – and my favourite – fruits. [Picture of Bathurst pineapple, which isn’t in London: Safari Now]

4) Nat Luurtsema’s piece on how to survive moving back in with your parents made me lol. The bit about Sue’s cat basket couldn’t be any more accurate. Here!

5) Shop my sale picks for ASOS here! Make ’em sell out.

6) My friend Natalie, who likes the 1920s even more than I do (I know!!), has just launched a new blog. The Bachelor Girl is shaping up nicely already – my favourite post is the one with her great-grandparent’s wedding photo. Dreamy!


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