Favourite fake hair

That Luella show took place in 2007 and all these years later, after countless other shows that I’ve been despatched to in the name of hair, I still think it’s my favourite. Right now I’m thinking about the clip-in pastel fringes, but the double Minnie Mouse buns and hairslides and grungy waves all make me happy too.

Back to the point.

Isn’t it cool that intentionally fake-looking, My Little Pony-pastel, clipped-in hair pieces are still going strong, five years later?

What’s the enduring appeal of deliberately DIY-looking wefts and wigs? It’s fun?  It makes fashion feel a bit less serious? It’s really easy to do at home without damaging your hair? Could you even venture into a some kind of anti-recession, food-dye in the sink, punk revival theory? I dunno, but whenever I see a bag of pink hair pieces backstage in a session stylist’s kit bag, I know I’m going to like what happens next.

2007 – Luella Spring/Summer 2008 [via GoRunway]

2008 – Rodarte Spring/Summer 2009

2009 – Luella Autumn/Winter 2009 [via GoRunway]

2010 – Chanel Couture Spring 2010 [Jak and Jil via here]

2011 – Jeremy Scott Autumn/Winter 2011 [via GoRunway]

2012 – W Korea March 2012 [via Models.com]

2012 – Chanel Resort 2013 [via GoRunway]

2012 – Karen #13 [via Fashion Gone Rogue]


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