Antipodium Pre-Spring/Summer 2012 – it’s inspired by EMOJI

People keep asking me if I’ve seen the Antipodium Pre-Spring/Summer 2013 collection, which is inspired by Emoji. Emoji! And Antipodium! Two of my very favoruite things in one place. The answer is, of course, yes.

At first I was like, , but then I was like,  in case it was .

I needn’t have worried. The Emoji love is pretty restrained, with just a few cute prints – it’s the idea behind everyone’s favourite app that inspired much of the collection. Designer Geoffrey told Australian Vogue, “At the end of last year I became quite obsessed with emoticons. Essentially, they’re synthetic emotions; they’re so quick and universal – they’re outwardly playful but there’s also this sinister side to them.”

Together with Jaime Perlman, creative director of British Vogue and – apparently – the friend on the receiving end of the Emoji texts, Geoffrey came up with a range of textiles inspired by this idea of synthetics. As well as the cartoony print featuring those hearts and eyes we know so well, there’s also a neoprene that Geoffrey describes as being like ‘wearing a laptop case’. My kinda guy. Oh, and those earrings contain LEDs so you can recreate the glow of your iPhone screen when you’re supposed to be asleep in bed at night or watching some kind of Powerpoint at a press conference.

Scraped together info from Facebook, pictures from Glamour.


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