MAC x Archie Comics

MAC seems to launch a new collaboration every week at the moment, but the latest one is definitely something I can get behind. MAC x Archie Comics – or, more specifically, MAC x Betty and Veronica! Squeal!

Launched in time to coincide with the opening of Comic-Con in San Diego tomorrow, the full colour cosmetics collection will be hitting the shelves in Spring 2013. WWD says that comic book artist Dan Parent will spend the next couple of days promoting the collaboration with in-store illustrations at MAC’s Gaslamp store in San Diego, with personalised caricatures for shoppers – and there’ll also be make-up artists on hand to provide looks inspired by the devilish duo.

But who needs a MAC artist when you have me? Here’s what I reckon you need to look like Betty or Veronica with existing MAC products – definitely more a Veronica myself…

[Picture: Archie Fans]

Bardot-ish Betty

All teased blonde hair and pastel pink lips, with ludicrous lashes to add to the dolly-girl feel.

1) 12 Lash, £10 – natural but dramatic. And don’t forget MAC Duo Adhesive, which is the best eyelash glue in the world, even if you aren’t using their own branded lashes.

2) Select SPF 15 in NW15, £20.50 – pale and interesting, but flawless.

3) Lipstick in Saint Germain, £14 – perfect pastel pink.

4) Penultimate Eye Liner, £16 – this eyeliner is impossible to mess up – perfect for a thick swoop along the lids.

Vampish Veronica

Matching lips to nails is a total guilty pleasure of mine, and Veronica’s.

5) 2 Lash, £10 – super-long and subtly sexy. Good old Ronnie.

6) Nail Lacquer in Morange, £10 – the perfect tomato red, which just so happens to go perfectly with black hair.

7) Lipstick in Morange, £14 – matchy matchy, nice and bright.

8) Matchmaster SPF 15 in 1.0, £25 – Veronica is equally pale and interesting and this foundation is neato, with a soft-focus finish for any comic-strip super-heroine.

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