Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Susie Bubble wrote a really interesting post on logo-mania. Stick Moschino or Verace on something, I want it. Why? Susie talks status, fashion history and DIY here in a really cool – and pleasingly picture heavy! – feature. [Picture: StyleBubble]

2) In keeping with the interesting fashion essays, I liked Business of Fashion’s piece on the YSL rebranding. IT WAS SAINT LAURENT FIRST, GOONS! [Picture: Business of Fashion]

3) These silent movie etiquette stills are pretty trippy, and way more interesting than those Orange adverts. Do they still exist? I never go to the cinema. [Picture: Retronaut]

4) Natalie sent me a link to this NY Times post about Amy Winehouse’s unworn tour wardrobe. Sad, but definitely interesting. [Picture: NY Times]

5) I’ve made this point in various other places already, but I’m just going to mention it again; Federer is Gatsby. [Picture: Tennis Perspective]

6) YAY! Antipodium has launched its online store! To celebrate, you can get 10% off the above selection of new-season pieces by sticking BUNNYBOILER10 in at the checkout.


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