Kate Moss: The book

Kate: The Kate Moss Book is out this November – I trust I shall find it in my Christmas stocking.

Excitingly, it’s been edited by former Mr Moss, Jefferson Hack – and while in the case of most exes that might mean 300 pictures of her looking the wrong way at a camera and getting a double chin, wearing a really embarrassing tshirt, or drunk with a dodgy red eye, Kate is blessed enough to NEVER TAKE A BAD PICTURE.

Casting director, Jess Hallett, has also contributed while the Mossatron herself has also handpicked a selection of images for the coffee-table tome, which covers her entire career from teenage waif to grunge queen to 21st century flapper and beyond.

No idea what pictures are going to be in the book, but seeing as I have a billion pictures of Kate on my desktop I figured I’d compile my own favourites.

You can find out loads more about the book on publisher Rizzoli’s site here. You can also add it to your wishlist now!


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