Furcoat favourites: Yorkshire Day special

Be glad of these freshwater tears,

each pearled droplet some salty old sea-bullet

air-lifted out of the waves, then laundered and sieved, recast as a soft bead and returned.

And no matter how much it strafes or sheets, it is no mean feat to catch one raindrop clean in the mouth,

to take one drop on the tongue, tasting cloud-pollen, grain of the heavens, raw sky.

Let it teem, up here where the front of the mind distils the brunt of the world.

Rain, Simon Armitage [part of the Stanza Stones project, which you can read more about here]

August 1 marks Yorkshire day and while I may have retreated to London and become a southern softie I’m still a northerner at heart, despite all my friends telling me I don’t sound like it any more.

Despite how big it is and how many cool cities it covers, it was actually pretty hard to find designers who live and work in Yorkshire – still, here are some favourite finds and lemme know if I’ve missed any awesome Yorkshire brands.

1) Jerry Hall in Bruce Oldfield, priceless – Sheffield’s finest, after Peter Stringfellow

2) Lawrence & Foster Countryman Flat Cap, £38 – just add whippet.

3) Hype Blenheim Holdall, from £745 – lovingly hand-made luggage, carefully crafted oop in Pudsey.

4) Coggles Vintage Elvis Waistcoat, £185 – Coggles is to Yorkshire what Harrods is to Knightsbridge.  Founded in York in 1974, it stocks some fantastic labels and it now has a cracking array of vintage finds too.

5) Burberry Leather Bow Cloche, £395 – he might be an international design hero now, but Christopher Bailey will always be a Halifax boy. Second only to Christine as my favourite Halifaxonian.

6) Vui vs Slow Club Tramlines T-Shirt, £20 – Sheffield’s Tramlines festival might be over for this year, but this piece of merch still expresses how most of us from the city feel about Rotherham. Just kidding. Kind of.

7) Henderson’s Relish – flows through the veins of every good northerner. I love that on the online order form you have to buy it by the litre.


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