Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) MAN, there are some amazing restaurants opening in London soon. And I thought the Shake Shack news was good! [Picture: Burger Me]

2) Speaking of food, there’s a new take on the Long Table this year. Feast not only includes all the awesome food we saw last year but this time it’s in London Bridge so it’s really handy for me. Thumbs up. Brew & Cue, Hawksmoor, Morito, Pizarro… I LOVE FOOD. It’s on this weekend so book book book! [Picture: Background Bars]


3) I never tire of Nick Cave and Henry Rollins bromance stories and I never tire of posting that picture. I was lucky enough to see this tour but it’s always good to relive Henry doing an impression of Nick (it’s about one minute in). Oh and you can watch a very poor video of the performance he’s talking about here. Henry Rollins; stiff as a board.

4) Catwalk collections inspired by Daria. Awesome! [Picture: MTV Style]


5) Fellow Vegas freak, Gemma, has made an awesome beginner’s guide to visiting the city. When’s too soon to go back?


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