Recent eats around London

[Picture: Telegraph]

Pitt Cue Co Hungerford Bridge

I took Andy to Pitt Cue Co on his birthday earlier this year, shortly after it opened. I’ve been champing at the bit to go back and gorge on more pulled pork and barbecued treats ever since, so was happy to see that they’re on the South Bank for the summer – albeit in truck form. We went and spent a very happy sunny Saturday evening on a bench gorging ourselves on a picnic of that amazing pulled pork, dreamy chicken wings and macanchini – that’s deep-fried balls of bacon and macaroni cheese. [Just enjoy those words.] All washed down with a couple of cans of Brooklyn Lager Sumer Ale.

They’re parked up under the Hungerford Bridge until September and if I worked nearby I’d be there every lunchtime.  And teatime.

Pitt Cue Co, under Hungerford Bridge, Belvedere Road SE1 8XX
12 – late, every day (follow for updates)

[Picture: Catford Bridge Tavern Facebook]

Catford Bridge Tavern

I’d never had the pleasure of going to Catford until last week, but I might become a regular visitor now that the Catford Bridge Tavern has had a revamp. Apparently it used to be a bit of a heroin-infused dive, but the Antic gang has taken it over and made it as magically glorious as the rest of their bunch of boozers. Everything just looks nice, you know? Especially fond of the special cat barmats that you can see a bit of above.

You’re always guaranteed good food at Antic pubs and this was no exception – there’s an enormous dining room at the back and as well as the usual dinner and Sunday roasts, they also do Saturday brunch (blarg, that word is banned but it is what it is) and have a fine array of bar snacks in the home-made sausage roll/pork pie line. AND they serve Soffle’s Pitta Chips, which is reason enough to visit. Another bonus with Antic pubs is amazing ale selections – follow them on Twitter to see what’s on tap.

Catford Bridge Tavern, Station Approach SE6 4RE
Mon – Thur: 4 – 12
Fri: 4 – 1
Sat: 12-1
Sun: 12-12

[Picture of the very similar Covent Garden branch: Google Places]

Pix Pintxos Soho

Me and Laura and her sister went to Pix Pintxos Soho for a leisurely Saturday afternoon hangout – no eating for me as I was off to Pitt Cue Co that evening, but I can report that they were pretty happy with their snack selection. The real Venetian tapas deal (that’s what pintxos is, btw), I love that they do the bonafide thing of just giving you a plate, letting you help yourself, then counting your little tapas-y sticks at the end. I believe it was £1.95 for a small bite, £2.50 for a bigger one. I wasn’t paying much attention to food in a bid to starve myself for later, but Laura definitely had a little mackerel pate thing which looked boss and when I was at the bar I also spied a giant chunk of chorizo speared on top of some manchego, which is probably my ideal snack.

I just had some booze, but two delicious glasses of house cava for a tenner is reason enough to make me want to go back.

26 Bateman Street W1D 3AH
Mon – Thur: 12 – 11:30
Fri & Sat: 12 – 12
Sunday: 12 – 10

[Picture: Rita’s Facebook]

Rita’s Bar and Dining 

Me and my food compadre Laura also visited travelling food project, Rita’s, in its latest home up in Dalston. I’ve heard it gets a bit busy and manic, but we went on a Saturday night and it was all cool – we sat at the bar for a few frozen margaritas, which was exactly what I required on my Vegas hangover. Seating seemed to be quite hard to come by in terms of tables and chairs, but we asked if we could eat at the bar and were happily accommodated. Food is a combination of Mexican and all-American favourites like mac and cheese and wings. We should perhaps have been braver and ordered the ox-heart tacos, but that’s just an excuse to go back really. DAMN the wings were good – I think it’s a sign of a good restaurant when you use an entire kitchen roll to clean your hands and face and still find splatters of ginger and hot-soy sauce down your clothes a week later.

Special mention also goes to Pistonhead beer, which they serve by the can and which I have since learnt is Swedish, glows in the dark and is entirely organic. It has a skull on the can, that’s really all that matters.

Birthdays, 33-35 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BJ
Tues – Sat: 7 – late


I am conscious that this entire post makes me look like a fat pig. Well, I am. Some of the time. I promise I eat well Monday to Friday, it’s just what happens at the weekends that you’re really interested in. Right? That and I am a pig.

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