Furcoat favourites: Oompa loompa stick it up your jumper


That rhymes when you come from Sheffield.

My classmates and I used to run around the playground doing that thing where you put one arm up the opposite jumper sleeve and move the other one up and down inside your jumper shouting ‘oompa loompa stick it up your jumper’ pretty regularly as kids. Do you know the move I mean? I tried to YouTube it but really I don’t know if it has a technical term. Still reduces me to tears of hysterical laughter to do that, I’m easily pleased.

I know we’re supposed to be having a sunny weekend, but I bought the Topshop number below this week and am pretty taken with it. As I am most jumpers, it appears. Definitely have a weakness for chunky, short, woolly knits.

1) Marks & Spencer Mosaic Jumper, £35 – this stopped me in my tracks on my daily lunchtime trawl of M&S. Excuse the cheesy model shot and enjoy that close up – it’s even nicer IRL! Like the perfect 70s children’s knitwear – isn’t navy and orange a winning combo?

2) Kenzo Window-Check Sweater, £420 – the perfect check for this season looks like a hastily-drawn, slightly wiggly, oversized noughts and crosses board. Note it’s chubby tendencies and shrunken length; this is what I look for in a jumper.

3) Topshop Tweedy Check Jumper, £42 – precisely 10 times cheaper than the Kenzo number and my new favourite thing. It’s dead woolly and that yellow is really chartreuse – or kinda lime green, as I like to call it.

4) Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Buffalo Plaid Sweater, now £94 – more gingham than chunky check, but you can’t write about knitwear without a nod to Queen Sonia and I love the mismatched sleeves on this Outnet bargain.

5) JW Anderson Braided Cable Knit Sweater, £525 – master of jumpers for Autumn/Winter, Mr Anderson’s knitwear is a bit fisherman, a bit Womad. I like any kind of oversized detail and the giant cable knit on this one just so happens to form a ╬ CROSS ╬ which always pleases me. I’m going to attempt to channel a bit of his catwalk look with that Topshop jumper up there and my new ASOS skirt. I’ll let you know how that works out.


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