Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) OMG, the New Yorker posted an unpublished F Scott Fitzgerald story! You can read Thank You for the Light for the first time ever here! [Kansas cathedral, as mentioned in the story: Triposo]

2) Also  on a Fitzgerald tip, the Paris Review wrote a feature on the real life Daisy Buchanan and her home town of Lake Forest, Illinois. It’s pretty interesting – I wish someone would write a decent book on the Big Four. Read all about it here! [Picture of Lake Forest beach: Z+V Photography]

3) Might be a bit specific to clothes geeks, but this feature on the early use of zips is dead interesting. Especially the comments! [Picture: Chubby Hobby]

4) I love reading Lost City – it documents interesting historical sights in New York and bemoans things like restaurant phone booths being knocked out. If you’re in New York (lucky you), you should totally join the author for a walking tour –  I can only imagine the fascinating things you’ll see. [Red Hook Pool: Lost City]

5) Don’t miss all of these awesome people at the Bloggers Yard Sale this weekend! Ideal for weirdo stalkers who buy sweaty used shoes on eBay and fashion fans alike.


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