Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Andy made me a metal playlist for the gym. If you want to work out like a beast and end up looking like Henry Rollins, feel free to enjoy it here! PS That’s true love, right there. [Picture: Buzzbin]

2) Pre-booking for London Open House Weekend is now open! It’s always a fantastic event and, as ever, I urge you to go and see the Express building in all its art deco splendour. The site seems to be down temporarily while they add a whizz-bang new booking system, but it may well be back up and running by the time you read this. Book here! [Picture: mine]

3) Booking is also open for the Cecil Beaton exhibition at the Imperial War Museum which is coming this September. Cecil Beaton! The Imperial War Museum! Yup, as well as shooting for Vogue and the like our Cecil also did a stint as a war photographer. Theatre of War opens on 6 September and as well as the exhibition, there’s also a schedule of interesting related events including Vogue and Wartime Fashion on 24 November. [Picture: Imperial War Museum]

4) THE BEST HOUSE IN THE WORLD IS ON SALE! Truth! My Castleford friends tell me this house is famous in the area, and quite right too. Cas Vegas isn’t known for its architecture but here’s an exception. As well as being stunning, this house also serves as a reminder why I need to move home. Five bedrooms, £249,000. Just mentioning that. You can read more about it (and, uh, buy it) at the always-excellent Modern House. [Picture: Modern House]

5) I love these Andy Freeberg pictures of old nanas guarding artwork in museums and galleries. The similarities between the subjects in the art work and the women is fantastic. See the whole series on iGNANT. [Picture: iGNANT]


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