36 hours with The New York Times

I’ve had the New York Times travel book 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA & Canada on my Amazon wishlist for months and still no-one’s bought it for me. Selfish. Very selfish.

Still, I won’t allow the fact that I’ve never seen book one put me off also adding the follow-up, 36 Hours: Europe.

I mean sure, it might be the worst book ever written, but as I’ve never read the first one I wouldn’t know.

Look at them though! Look at them!

How could they be anything but totally brilliant?

Much like cookery books, I like my travel books to look the part. I mean sure, you’re not going to be lugging these bad boys around in your suitcase on your lollydays – little on the beefy side, so I read – but I’d still like to sit and stare at them and wipe the drool from my face and dream.

Packed with photos and illustrations, both of the books feature interesting and unusual places to spend the weekend – with all of the expertise you’d expect from the team at the NYT.


Sicilian mummies dressed in their Sunday best, a dry-land toboggan ride on Madeira, a hotel in Tallinn with a KGB spies’ nest on the penthouse floor. World capitals, ancient nations that once ruled wide domains, tiny countries with big personalities—it’s all Europe, and all fun to read about (whether you actually go or not) in this handsomely designed and illustrated book.

Precisely. You don’t even have to be going anywhere to sit and enjoy it. Mmmm dreaming about a trip to Tallinn. Or Corsica. Or Kiev. Or any of those awesome places I haven’t been yet.

The American edition is out now and the European one is coming in October. To me.

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