Furcoat favourites: I broke my watch

I broke my watch this weekend during an intense swimming session at Charlton Lido. Ol’ faithful isn’t waterproof, apparently, no matter what it claims.

I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to replace my trusty Casio with the exact same model, but here’s a few other options. Some more affordable/viable than others.

1) Boyfriend Watch, £22, ASOS – Rose gold is my favourite colour for cheap jewellery and accessories; doesn’t matter if it gets discoloured that way, right?. Even ol’ faithful went a bit brassy around the edges, at least this gets there first.

2)  Marc by Marc Jacobs Black and Rose Gold Watch, £279, My-Wardrobe – Another rose gold watch from the king o’ watches. Like the chunky black strap too, all my watch straps get dead grubby from my filthy unwashed body so it might hide some muck.

3) Adidas Cambridge Black Strap Watch, £62, Watch Hut – Bit Fred Durst, maybe, but I feel quite positive about this sporty number. Bet it wouldn’t die underwater either.

4) Issey Miyake Chronograph Watch, now £179, ASOS – I can’t read watches without numbers so I don’t know who I’m kidding with this one.

5) Jazz Men’s Watch, $150, Tokyobay – The numbers on this one, on the other hand, are clear enough to read from space.

6) Sekonda Gent’s Bracelet Watch, £43, Watch Hut – This reminds me of my old head teacher, who used to get us in his office and read us a story while steadily working his way through a pack of B&H.

7) Michael Kors Stainless Steel and Tortoiseshell Chronograph, £240, Net-a-Porter – Wait sod Marc by Marc, Michael Kors is definitely king o’ watches. Every watch looks like a Kors watch doesn’t it? And who can blame them when a Kors watch is such a handsome thing?

8) Jeremy Scott x Swatch Double Vision Watch, $100, Opening Ceremony – Another watch which isn’t really designed for the all-important time-telling function, but man! It looks like X-ray specs! You’d probably get a migraine just glancing at it, but you’d look cool while you suffered and that’s always key.

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