Barbara Hulanicki goes back to Brighton

This September Biba founder, Barbara Hulanicki, makes a grand return to her former home of Brighton in the form of an exhibition all about her work with Biba… and beyond.

Barbara studied fashion illustration in Brighton in the 1950s and to celebrate the opening of the upcoming retrospective, Biba and Beyond: Barbara Hulanicki, my pal Jo interviewed her on behalf of Visit Brighton.

As well as talking about those early days in the city Barbara also talks about the Biba years, of course and shares her thoughts on fashion in 2012.

I love hearing about her old memories of Brighton – “there never used to be any young people”! How times have changed… It’s interesting to hear her talk about disposable purchases too – or ‘guiltless fashion’ and the idea of people wanting more, all the time. Fast fashion really isn’t the new concept that people think, hm?

Also; black nappies. Say no more. Is this the idea that changes my entire outlook on reproduction?

Above, you can see a fantastic picture of Barbara in the Pavillion and a couple of my favourite bits from the exhibition – including a beautiful shot from Brian Duffy.

Below, the interview.

Biba & Beyond will take place in the Pavilion this September – find out more and book tickets here!


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