Thank Furcoat it’s Friday


1) Famous architects dressed up as their buildings. Yep, for real. Why? Why not?


2) A compilation of terrifying mannequins from around the world, courtesy of Into the Gloss. Utterly horrific.


3) Another one from Into the Gloss, this time with felt-tip-brandisher Danny Roberts doodling over the new IMG Model book. Watch the awesome video of the colouring-in happening here.

4) Print Club is hosting a new exhibition of film-inspired artworks – with the twist being that none of the films are named, so you’ve got to either be up on your film knowledge or just hope for the best that the cool screenprint you just picked up isn’t from a Nazi propaganda documentary. Don’t worry, it won’t be.

5) Marina O’Loughlin is one of my favourite food reviewers and I was sad to see she was leaving the Metro, as she was pretty much the only good thing in it. Good news, though, because I’ve tracked her down to the Guardian. You can read her first column here!

6) Henry Rollins reviews a German metal festival. Just throwing this on the end because it’s not a weekly round-up if Hank isn’t involved somehow.


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