Furcoat favourites: The OMG JW Anderson for Topshop edition


By now there can’t be many people who haven’t squealed about JW Anderson x Topshop, which launches online and in store next Friday 14 September. I love JWA at the best of times and this collaboration is no exception to his mainline collections – inspired by schoolgirl goths and ghosts and ghoulies, it’s basically my predictable dreams come true. Knitwear!! Black dresses with white collars!! Varsity jackets!! I JUST LITERALLY WROTE ABOUT THEM.

The price points on this collaboration are interesting too – there will be fun things like sweets and pens and badges starting at 99p which is all well and good, but the clothes themselves are really reasonable too and much better value than a lot of previous Topshop collabs which I haven’t been half as excited about. That scarf is £12.99. The bat jumper which I am utterly obsessed with is £69.99. Dresses are £39.99. That strikes me as a pretty good bargain, especially as it sounds as though the shopping experience itself is going to be pretty special.

I’d recommend you read Susie Bubble’s guide to the collection here for an overall feel of what’s going to be on offer in-store (it includes Argos-style catalogues) and check our Fashionista’s complete lookbook of the collection – complete with prices – here.

For now, here are my favourites. Only question now is how day one of London Fashion Week is going to tally up with me being hunched over the computer trying to get hold of everything I want…

1) Slogan Scarf, £12.99; 2) Striped T-Shirt, £29.99; 3) Bat Jumper. £69.99; 4) Cotton Dress, £79.99; 5) Loafers, £69.99; 6) Varsity Jacket, £129.99

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