Awesome shirts from Lazy Oaf





I really like Lazy Oaf as a brand, but I quite often think that I’m a bit too old for their stuff.

I know, I know.

I don’t want to be a total harbinger of doom at the grand old age of 28, but as someone who dresses like a teenager at the best of times I have to stop and think that much as I’d like to wear a googly eye alien tshirt, it probably wouldn’t lend me any authority in work meetings.  I need all the help I can get in the wardrobe department to stop me from looking like a sixth-former on no-uniform day, which means I have to enforce certain rules. When my boss’s 13-year-old daughter has the same t-shirt as me, that means I’m straying away from my self-imposed guidelines.

Anyway, I might have to ignore my usual rules because the men’s Autumn/Winter 2012 stuff from Lazy Oaf is really awesome and features all of my favourite, totally grown-up things. Skulls!! Burgers!! Pizzas!! Hot dogs!! SWEAR WORDS!! That shirt on the top right is like a moodboard of my brain on any given day.

Smashing stuff – and the women’s collection isn’t bad either, although I prefer the guys’ range. Buy it alllll here now.

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