#real90s YOOX holds Thierry Mugler vintage sale

[Vintage Mugler ads: Fashion & Lifestyle]

I’m enjoying the nineties revival as much as the next person, but you can take your Topshop tartan number and ASOS army shirt and shove ’em, because YOOX is offering up a prime slice of genuine nineties design with its Thierry Mugler archive sale.

Not entirely sure why the whole lot hasn’t been snapped up by Gaga yet as a devotee of both Mugler and nineties couture, but if you’re interested in snapping up some pieces from the archives the sale is now open with prices starting at a very reasonable £350.

My favourites, from left to right;

1) 90s wool skirt suit with constructed blazer and draped skirt and leather trim. April O’Neil goes to the Met Ball.

2) 90s sleeveless high-neck top in shiny vinyl – wardrobe essential to bring you closer to Victoria Beckham perfection.

3) 90s faux-fur jacket with large collar, oversized buttons and waist belt. In pink monster fur. Imagine this with your new-season Marc Jacobs fur hat, you’d be like someone from Lost Vagueness in 1992.

4) 90s long-sleeved velvet dress with low round neckline and satin inserts. Never been too keen on wavy collars, but black velvet and white satin is a killer combination – who hasn’t harboured thoughts of being Magenta from Rocky Horror?

Thierry Mugler’s Roaring 90s sale is on now – shop here before Gaga beats you to it.

[Oh and how amazing are those early 90s ad campaigns? Glorious stuff.


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