I don’t really go in for the idea of fashion week ~survival kits but nevertheless, there are a few things that I would be lost without when I’m working at the shows and with no more original ideas in my head in this hell-hole of a working week, here are some of them. [And a few things that I would like to magically find at the end of my bed on Friday morning, like a special fashion week Christmas stocking.]

Clockwise from top left;

1. Zoe Karssen Live Fast Sweater, £95, Net-A-Porter – Like all things Karssen, I really want this. I tend to wear much less than usual at fashion week and that’s all good when you’re razzing around all day, but when you’re on Waterloo Bridge waiting for the 171 at 11pm… it gets a bit cold.

2) Cat Eye and Contrast sunglasses, both £12, ASOS – I buy ASOS sunglasses like they’re going out of fashion [LOL IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE THEY ARE] and usually have several pairs squeezed into one of those little drawstring sock bags they send you. I am, of course, against sunglasses indoors/at shows/on public transport, but when you leave the house at 6am for Margaret Howell on Sunday morning, no-one needs to see your little piggy eyes.

3) I finally managed to find some dungaree shorts I like! Not these ones – these are from Topshop Petite – and have approx. twelve outfits in mind already that I want to somehow fit into fashion week involving them.

4) Children’s Bristle Brush, £36, Mason Pearson – I know, I know. You hear about these brushes all the time. That’s because they are that good and they do make a difference to your hair. I tend to go without brushing mine for days at a time, but when I do want to look slightly more presentable – or I’m interviewing the kind of hairdresser that intimidates me – this brush makes me look like a normal person.

5) Black Block Heel Boots, £35, Dorothy Perkins – I bought these after seeing Natalie in them and as you’d expect from such a stylish person, they are a WIN. Goes without saying that I don’t do ridiculous heels at fashion week.

6) Monochrome Tote, £68, Eley Kishimoto – You can tell the important people from the non-people (like me) at fashion week by the size of their bag. If it’s a small, tasteful handbag they are an important person who has a car, hotel room, or servant to carry their belongings around. Not for them the change of shoes, jumper, laptop, camera, cables, notepads and umbrellas that we mere mortals need. They shove all that in their car, hotel room or servant and make them deal with it. The non-people have to buy enormous tote bags and get bad backs.

7) Blush in Flush, £6 and Lipstick in Nevada, £8, Topshop – I got both of these in a goodie bag the other week and am pretty taken with them both. Topshop makeup is really good and cheap enough to allow you to buy into a trend without regretting it a few weeks later. This blush is nowhere near as insane as it looks and also works on your lips, while the lipstick is nude but with a creme-gloss finish so you don’t look too sixties. Both nice little seasonal updates that will make a welcome addition to my razz-around makeup bag.

8) Worker Pen, £2.29, Stabilo – These pens aren’t actually that great for fashion week because they smudge really easily if it rains or you get sweaty, but I seem to have a lifetime supply of them so they invariably end up being my pen of choice. I love that the website describes them as; ‘THE TOOL FOR HARD WORK.” Because that’s what writing about hair is. HARD WORK.

9) Deodorant. Doesn’t matter what it is, it’s just good to have. Yeah, yeah, your pocket-sized perfume might be a bit nicer for Into The Gloss to talk about or for you to Instagram when you do a ~what’s in my bag??~ feature but you can’t beat some good old deodorant when you stink after piling on the tube to get to that show. Another problem Important People with cars/hotels/servants don’t have, perhaps.

10) CX300 In-Ear Headphones, £26.10 Sennheiser – Just bought another pair of these. The headband ones are great for day-to-day listening but when you’re pulling them in and out and screwing them up in your bag, these are much more practical. Ever see those people keeping headphones in on the front row? MAN, who does that?

11) Power Rock Case, £23.95, New Trent – an iPhone case that charges your phone at the same time. Because you can never, ever, have enough charging implements at fashion week.

12)  Flask, $50, In God We Trust – I have never taken a hip flask to fashion week, and I am only just starting to question why.


  1. I don’t like you and your blog. You make me want to buy too many things.

    (this is a lie really. I think you’re fantastic and love the blog. Unfortunately for me, the wanting to buy basically everything you post bit is true…)

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