Furcoat favourites: Goodhood bonanza


I know I keep going on about Goodhood and their fifth anniversary, but that’s because I love them. Look at those pictures of the pop-up shop; what a mentally-soothing palette of grey and white black. MMMmmm. Just what the brain needs after five days of CLOTHES and FASHION WEEK and MAKEUP.

Calm, cool, collected and all of my favourite brands in one place selling limited edition treats. What’s not to love, eh? The fact that pay day is a fortnight away? Hmm, yeah, that.


1) Goodhood x R. Newbold Duff Stadium Jacket, £650; 2) Goodhood Way Back Tie-Dye Shirt, £45; 3) Goodhood x R. Newbold Outsider 3/4 Shirt, £62; 4) Goodhood Patchwork Cushion, £69; 5) Goodhood x Great River School Backpack, £161 6) 5th Anniversary Sticker, £2

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