I think – and this is based in about 14 hours of sleep over the last week – that my favourite show of London Fashion Week was Simone Rocha.

I know she’s a bit of a fashion-person favourite but hers was the only show that made me do a little gasp of joy, with all the stars aligning for one all-out, head-to-toe perfection.

It all started when I was backstage doing my actual job of speaking to the hair team, headed up by James Pecis. He’s one of my favourite hairdressing people at the best of times – and not just because of the donkey tattoo on his hand. He always does really cool, interesting hair with reference points that make me ball my hands with glee because I know they’re either going to be something that I’m obsessed with, or something that I’m about to become obsessed with.

This season it was photographer Ed Templeton and specifically his ‘pictures of teenagers making out‘. As someone who spends their entire life writing about hair, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear something so different and yet so nail-on-the head accurate to a look. [Picture: Too Many Kisses]

James explained that he wanted the hair to look youthful and that the two easiest ways to do that are adding a fringe and doing a ponytail. So that’s what he did.

He also wanted hair to look a bit weird and off, so grungy texture and hacked-into baby bangs all round. My total fave, like Jean-Pierre Braganza last season and Aminaka Wilmont this season too.

The next thing that got me doing excited stampy feet was the music. As I was finishing up backstage they were doing the walk through and the music boomed out backstage. It’s a vital make-or-break for any show and while there’s a lot of songs you can play that will make me happy, if it’s something totally unexpected then more’s the better.

I don’t think I ever expected to hear the Stone Roses at a show. I mean, I know they reunited this year and have been quite high profile and that the 90s is our all-powerful leader this season but STILL. And for it to be I Wanna Be Adored? I couldn’t have been happier if it was Bad Moon Rising. [Picture: Sound on Sound]

And then I guess there’s clothes! I mean, I don’t feel qualified to talk too much about catwalk collections these days but there’s full skirts! There’s neon! There’s a school-uniform influence! There’s daisies! There’s cool and interesting textiles! There’s tiaras! It’s just a beaut of a collection all round and all the *stuff* that goes with it makes it even more so.

I urge you to just look at the pictures and listen to the video and think about how dreamy and beautiful this all is. And, it wasn’t played at the show but the combination of James Pecis’s grungy love-in and the teenagers making out thing and the drawly cool of the whole show also makes me just want to listen to Teenage Fanclub even more than usual.  I mean, that ahhhhh-ahhhhhhh breakdown at the end is just the perfect match for this collection isn’t it?

Your soundtrack, then;

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  1. […] They first came to my attention a couple of seasons ago when Kenna used clip-in mini fringes at Jean-Pierre Braganza (and recreated the look on me) – then last season we saw them all over the place. I think my favourites for Spring/Summer were the  mega-geek styles at Miu Miu and teenage sulky girl ones at Simone Rocha that I obsessed about here. […]

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