Furcoat favourites: is pyjama week a thing?

I’m back!

Sort of!


I’ve had a few emails over the last couple of days about it being Pyjama Week and while my preliminary research has only come up with a kids’ charity event, who am I argue to with PRs armed with fully-prepared releases about said week?

I love pyjamas, I love lounging and I love notions of grandeur about lazing around in silk loungewear drinking a martini and reading a book. If that’s not what Pyjama Week is about, so sue me.

You can see other things I’ve written about pyjamas (yes, really) here and here and here but for now, here’s what I’d wear in my dream lounge scenario.

[Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight: Noir and Chick Flicks]

Clockwise from bottom left;

1) Equipment Avery Brushed-Silk Pajama Set, £470, Net-A-Porter – if you’re going to wear a shirt to bed, it may as well be an Equipment one.

2) Suburb Martini Glass, £11.09 for four, Alliance – because coordinating your cocktail glass with your pyjamas is exactly the kind of thing that I’d seriously worry about.

3) Kiki de Montparnasse Amour Kimono, £1,085, Net-A-Porter – who else but the queen of luxurious underthings for something lacy to froth around in?

4) The Perfect Hour: The Romance of F. Scott Fitzgerald by James West – next on my reading list. I love Zelda and Francis, of course, but this is all about his first love Ginevra King – who I have been fascinated with for a loooong old time.

5) Monogrammed Slippers, £275, Shipton & Heneage – as a faithful fan of all things monogrammed, these slippers obviously appeal to me. What I like best, though, is that they’re a heritage brand doing something quite traditional – but the initial is in that little love heart. Ahh.

6) Archipelago Private Reserve Stem Diffuser, £42, Selfridges – going to sleep with candles burning is an occupational hazard when you’re a booze hound with a penchant for burning expensive things, but I think I may have to put that dangerous habit on hold and invest in a diffuser instead. All the smell, none of the arson. This one smells of rosehips, freesia and patchouli aka a dream trio of scents.

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