Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) This Sunday sees the fabulous 6Music dedicate a day to Sheffield music. Woopee! If you’re up early, Toddla T will be on Nemone. After that there’s Richard Hawley on the Cerys Matthews show, The First Time with Martin Fry, Jarvis’s Sunday Service, Martyn from Heaven 17 presenting Now Playing and then the Human League on Freakzone. You can see the whole schedule (and listen online) here! [Kid Acne picture: BBC]

2) 40+ rap lyrics that have been affected by the Yves Saint Laurent name change. [Rick Ross picture: Don Bleek]

3) A tragic advert for Internet Explorer 9. Not actually as funny as I was hoping but the middle bit definitely made me lol.

4) I guess I can assume that we’re all Mitford fans here? I’m currently reading Jessica Mitford’s The Making of a Muckraker and it’s effing brill. A must-read for any writer, journalist or indeed muckraker. You can buy it here and listen to a really good interview with Decca herself here. [Picture: BBC]

5) All of the signs from Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues reimagined in fancypants hand lettering, by Leandro Senna.

Happy weekend!


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