Monday night dinner: Smoked mackerel tostadas

I would never claim to cover food in any real capacity on this blog. I mean sure, I love food, I love nice restaurants, I love cooking interesting stuff… but I struggle to talk about food in any grander way than ‘oh my god, it tastes fucking great’. Which you probably need to be able to do to write about food successfully.

That, and all my recipes are ones stolen from elsewhere, so I can’t really take any claim for them.

That said, sometimes I eat food that makes me so happy I need to share it – regardless of whether or not it’s my own recipe and whether or not I can say any more than EAT THIS IT’S DEAD NICE.

These smoked mackerel tostadas fit that bill – so effin delicious, moderately healthy (well, mackerel is good for you right?), easy to make, effin delicious… They’re the creation of Thomasina Miers (as is pretty much everything we eat) and I could happily have them for dinner six nights a week, saving Sunday for the hallowed trio of waffles, spaghetti hoops and fishfingers.

Smoked mackerel tostadas

(feeds two hungry beasts or more, less hungry civilised souls)

4 tortillas
300g smoked mackerel fillets
fresh tomato salsa (see below)
(optional) LAAARD for frying the tortillas

For the fresh tomato salsa

8 very ripe plum tomatoes
small handful of coriander, stalks removed and roughly chopped
1 small red onion, very finely diced
2 jalapeno chillies, very finely chopped
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1-2 limes, freshly squeezed
1 teaspoon soft brown or demerara sugar
1 tablespoon sea salt
black pepper

To serve

Chipotle mayonnaise (or regular mayo; I make chipotle by just putting a squeeze of chipotle sauce in regular mayo and mixing it up)
1 cos lettuce, shredded
1 avocado, peeled and sliced
a few squeezes of lime juice


To make the fresh tomato salsa, cut the tomatoes into quarters and remove the insides – the juicy bits make the salsa too watery. Dice the flesh.

Stir the coriander into the tomatoes with the onion, chillies, olive oil, half the lime juice and the sugar, salt and pepper. Check the flavour and add more salt, pepper or lime juice if you think the salsa needs it. Leave to marinate for at least 20 minutes before you are ready to eat.

[Shop salsa would suffice, but I find it’s always pretty grim and once you’ve made this I swear you won’t ever, ever want to buy it again. Delicious.]

Warm up your lard in a frying pan until it’s pretty much melted away and you just have a hot, greasy pan. Mmmm. Dry fry the tortillas so they go all brown and crispy and warm. You don’t have to do this but it makes them taste ten better.

Flake the smoked mackerel with a fork and mix into the fresh tomato salsa. Spread each tostada generously with mayonnaise and top with shredded lettuce. Spoon over the smoked mackerel salsa and top with sliced avocado. Squeeze over a little lime juice and coriander if you can’t get enough of that magical stuff.


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