Furcoat favourites: buy my books!

Furcoat Amazon bookstore!

I bang on about books an awful lot and while I’m sure that most of the time most of you roll your eyes and wait for something better to come along, I know for a fact that some people are interested because they’ve said so. So there.

I document most of my reading on Good Reads but now, in an exciting turn of events, I’ve collated some of my favourites in an Amazon store.

This is an idea copied directly from Twin but it does make sense really – all the books I talk about, in one handy place. Oh and I guess I get a cut if you buy them through the link too, so you’ll also get a warm feeling inside knowing that you’ve helped me buy another pair of sunglasses from ASOS/Jeeves & Wooster book/pint of Wandle.

The front page takes you straight to my all-time favourites, then in the links on the right you can browse other categories. I’ve opted for the things that I get asked about most, so there’s 20s and 30s biographies, social history and then just other general fiction that I enjoy. Also worth noting that I get through books at a fairly swift rate of knots so the store will be growing…

I will be putting the link in a more obviously accessible place soon, but for now you can just click here and buy my books. Enjoy!

[Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura Rio De Janeiro, Brazil via Bookshelves]

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