My favourite Breast Cancer Awareness buy (it’s not pink)

There are so many products available for Breast Cancer Awareness month and while raising awareness and funds for cancer charities is something very dear to my heart, you do sometimes get the feeling that brands are just making something pink to tick a box.

I remember in my consumer beauty journalist days having to put together pink-themed pages at this time of year and routinely being surprised at 1) the lack of imagination behind OMGPINKPRODUCTS and 2) more importantly, the tiny percentage which actually went to charity. One brand, who will obviously remain nameless, sold an incredibly expensive product – somewhere around £100 for a beauty item – and something like a fiver was actually donated to charity.

I will willingly admit that I don’t know huge amount about cost price and the rest, but it does seem rather pitiful to be donating such a tiny sliver of the proceeds for a product which was essentially a more expensive version of an existing product but with an added pink cardboard sleeve.

Anyway – here’s something a bit different which I saw on Bleach Black today. The fantastic In God We Trust people have partnered with Bona Drag for a cool necklace – with all net proceeds going to the Keep-a-Breast organisation.

I’m a big fan of IGWT’s trademark etched bits and bobs (see: this hipflask) so thumbs up there anyway, but then there’s the fact that the pendant says ‘boobs’ and that the heart is upside down to look like a pair of ’em (or a ball sack, I guess).

Keep-a-Breast is an interesting charity too as it’s entirely youth-focussed with a strong emphasis on educating the future generation and providing support programmes for young people living with cancer. You can find out more about them and their work here.

You can pick up the necklace for a very reasonable $50 here – unfortunately shipping to the UK is rather on the expensive side but hey, it’s a real nice necklace. And I’m going to California next week…



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