Ronnie Spector performs for Olympia Le-Tan (and other amazing live music at catwalk shows)

What better way to close Olympia Le-Tan’s girl-group themed Spring 2013 show than with a performance from the queen of the girl group herself and my personal life icon, Ronnie Spector?

I would legit have cried like a baby if I was there. Amazing – and thanks to for capturing this moment when absolutely no-one else seems to have beeen able to.

Rapidly speeds to the top five of my ‘best live music performance at a catwalk show’ list alongside;

1) Marc Jacobs and the Penn State Marching Band

2) Marc Jacobs and Sonic Youth

3) Chanel and Florence in a shell – I’m not a big fan of Flo, but for theatrics this gets a tick.

4) D&G and Annie Lennox – yeah whatever, this song is the nuts.

5) Lane Bryant and KISS – worth it for the 2002 fashion alone.


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