Vidal Sassoon: Outtakes

Six months on and Vidal Sassoon’s death is still being felt strongly in my industry. At our exhibition last weekend – which traditionally sees thousands of hairdressers from across the globe coming to London, not just for us but also for a weekend of hairdressing events – there were a lot of great tributes.

I was lucky enough to attend a gala dinner on Saturday night which was pretty moving, but one of the most poignant tributes was the Sassoon memorial wall in their space at our show. There were hundreds of inspiring messages in a host of languages posted over the weekend and it was interesting to take a look at the end of each day to see what had been written and the memories people had shared. We even saw a few memorabilia bits that people had brought along to share – tickets from 60s hairdressing shows starring Vidal and photos of competitions they’d entered and he’d judged.

All of this probably sounds a bit weird to people outside the industry, but I still can’t stress enough how much you should watch last year’s documentary about Vidal for a good look at the impact he had on fashion and women’s lifestyles in general. It’s a fantastic film and I won’t rest until everyone I know has seen it…

Anyway, on the subject of both tributes and that excellent film, there’s currently a little Sassoon exhibition at Somerset House. There’s also a slightly more well-publicised Tim Walker one, which you should definitely see, but after that… head over to the other side of the square and check out the two rooms of Sassoon in Vidal Sassoon: Outtakes.

Featuring imagery from the film and the Rizzoli book of the same name – Vidal Sassoon: How One Man Changed the World with a Pair of Scissors – it combines iconic photographs of Sassoon cuts with fantastic graphics and inspiring text. It’s free, and while it’s on the small side it’s still lovingly put together with  considered quotes and highlights from the film to provide context.

Funny, me and Twin went to Tim Walker first where we enjoyed a picture of Grace Coddington now with her mane of orange hair before heading to Sassoon to see her as she was then, with that fantastic, iconic, ground-breaking five point cut. Take that, Wintour.

Anyway, it’s on until 28 October and it’s free so if you’re in the area please go and see it. More here!

[PS sorry to the purists for the instagram shots, I’m sure the internet has better versions of all these pictures for you to enjoy elsewhere]

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