Furcoat favourites: Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen


There’s still a week to go until Halloween but as I’m going to be away on the big day (IN AMERICA OMG) and as you might need to take the time to get these ordered and delivered and sent to me, here are a few spookster favourites in advance.

Just in case you wondered, this is what I’m going to be wearing to go trick or treating in my hotel corridor. I hear those Californians go big for Halloween so I hope I won’t go home with an empty bucket.

Mimi Holliday by Damaris Lace Cat Ear Headband, £135, Net-A-Porter – more than a passing resemblance to Maison Michel’s ears but what’s Halloween without slutty cat ears?

Mimi Holliday by Damaris Bisou Bisou Berry Lace Bodysuit, £87, Net-A-Porter – this is just here because it’s black lace, to be honest.

Orange Boo Ghost Ankle Socks, £3.50, Topshop – I’m fairly anti novelty socks as a rule, but these ghosts have got nice faces. Side note: as I live in black tights, I haven’t bought a pair of socks for years. The only ones I own are ones that my mum gets me at Christmas. Is £3.50 a lot for socks? I have no idea.

Los Siete Misterious Espadin Mezcal, £115, Selfridges – pretty sure £100+ is too much for booze, even if it does have skellingtons on the bottle.

Modern Alchemy Temple Candle, £50, Heals – not only is it black (the best of all candle colours) but it smells of temples. Temples of doom. Can’t beat a bit of black pepper and myrrh for a suitably gothic stink, right?

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Halloween Special, $11.75, Amazon – I loooooooove Sally Hansen nail wraps and these special Halloween ones are even more amazing. Ghosts!! Spiderwebs!! Skulls!! You’d better believe I am buying 20 packs of each in Cali next week.

Charlotte’s Web Slippers, £485, Charlotte Olympia – I can only imagine how happy I’ll be the day these land on my lap.

Diptyque L’Ombre dans L’Eau, £85, Liberty – most Diptyque fragrances have a bit of a dark, gothic note to my nose and this one in particular sounds perfect for this time of year. The blurb says it smells of Damask roses on a bed of moss – how dreamy does that sound?

Sleeper with Oversized Cross Charm, £38, Maria Francesca Pepe – because MFP is always a winner.

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