Kate’s Drunk: A Catalogue Library fanzine


I was doing a bit of a Goodhood shop the other day and because I’m incapable of ever just going to a website/shop, getting what I need, then leaving… I bought this Kate Moss fanzine.

Moss is boss, so any magazine featuring her face generally appeals – but a magazine dedicated to Moss in an inebriated state? Well that’s something new. I shan’t ruin it for you, just in case you get it, but it definitely features some of my favourite Kate Moss drunken escapades.  The couture ball ripped dress! The leaning out of the window night!

There’s more to the zine than lols though; it’s published by Catalogue Library which is a project dedicated to collating found images and publishing them as zines. They were originally exhibited as part of the LOOP Arts Fair in 2011 and as well as Moss-themed mags you can also choose from such delights as ghost sightings, punks viewed from behind and bad tattoos of Michael Jackson. Next on my list; Babes on Segways.

Buy your own here!

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