I’m in California!

I’m currently in California, so obviously I’ve made a playlist dedicated to the place.

I’ve been to California a few times and am pretty certain that I’ve made a playlist on each occasion. I’m also pretty certain that all of those playlists have featured different songs reflecting my musical tastes at the time – the sunshine state definitely has a hell of a lot of music dedicated to it. NY or CA – wonder which one has been the subject of the most songs? [You can see a a lot of good CA songs here.]

The Ramones cover of California Sun has definitely survived several playlists – and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Beach Boys had made it on to a few either… Definitely need to dig those cassettes out next time I’m in Sheffield.

Anyway – I’d kind of like to think that it covers every emotion that California evokes, as well as every emotion  you go through on a press trip; glee, hysteria, jetlag, misery, more glee.

Enjoy, anyway!

[Picture: Samuel Owen Gallery]


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