Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

A little late, but I’m finally back in the country – let’s hope things go back to normal for real next week.

1) An interesting piece on the Dolly Sisters from The Daily Mail (sorry). Perfectly timed to build some hype for ITV”s upcoming Mr Selfridge drama – the sisters were a long-term obsession for the department store founder – I just hope this  leads to a new biography… I wrote a bit about the sisters here and you can find the existing biography here. [Picture: Unique Creatures]

2) One of my favourite writers, Jon Savage, is interviewed for the Guardian about the Californian punk scene. You’d better believe how much I enjoyed reading this and listening to the compilation album while I was stranded in SD. You can previous mentions of Jon Savage on this blog here! [Picture: Continuum Transfunctioner]

3) The Business of Fashion has a nice interview with Whistles CEO, Jane Shepherdson, here. [Picture: Because London]

4) 10 London Pubs with a Story to Tell – it’s things like this that make me love the Time Out blog so much And London, I guess. The one about the Grand Union, huh? And the Widow’s Son – what a tradition…? [Picture: Spitalfields Life – there are SO many good old pub pics on here that you should check out]

5) I found Charlie Porter’s review of the Hollywood Costume exhibit at the V&A pretty interesting. I’ll still be going to see it – and I’m sure I’ll still thoroughly enjoy it – but it does raise some questions and it’s good to see a review looking at the nitty gritty of the exhibition rather than just swooning at the sight of everything. I really, really love everything Charlie writes. It’s embarrassing. PS The Hollywood Costume app looks SO much fun. [Picture: All Movie Photos]


3 thoughts on “Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

  1. I’m usually a fan of Charlie Porter but I think he missed the point here – the exhibition is very clearly about costume, not fashion, so his critique from that stance is somewhat redundant. It’s intended to show the importance of costume in narrative which could be why he feels the human element is lacking. I do agree though that more background info on specific designers would have been a great addition. The design is really groundbreaking and simply couldn’t have happened without major sponsorship providing the finance – so yes the Kate Hudson ensemble is a shame but is very much a necessary evil.

    ANYWAY glad you’re back safe! x

    1. I was hoping to hear your thoughts as I enjoyed all your pics so much. I am very much reserving any judgment until I get down and see it for myself! X

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