Things I bought in America ii

Despite my elongated stay in America, I didn’t do much in the way of shopping. And I only bought one thing in Walgreens! Actually it wasn’t even Walgreens, it was CVS. RUBBISH compared to last time, especially when you consider that it was Halloween and I was in Southern California. Although… that may also be the reason I did less shopping – all of my money went on SoCal Mexican food. No kidding, I did my expenses yesterday and they were all for burritos and Pacifico.

Anyway, here are some things I did pick up;

a) Revlon Cream Brush in Flushed – I actually picked this up when I was looking for Halloween makeup because, man, that colour is bright in the pot. More fool me, it’s actually a pretty wearable shade but what’s great is that you can build it up to a bolder colour by layering it on. Really nice smooth consistency – I love creme blushes, so much easier to blend in for no go-faster stripes. It’s also  in a pale pink and a coral and you can get these in the UK as of about now too!

b) Vampire bat Pez – I’m not a Pez collector by any means but it’s a glow-in-the-dark bat with sweets inside it, so what did you expect?

c) Ghost Peeps – People at work just don’t get Peeps, so all these marshmallowy bastards will be eaten by me, before I crash and burn in a sugary heap.

d) Urban Outfitters Fuck Yeah! glass – Well, mainly I’m a child. But also I hate those tiny glasses you get in hotel rooms and I had a week to kill hanging out in my room drinking beer, it seemed sensible to buy my own bigger one.

e) Stussy Varsity Bear Sweater – I mean, I saw this and it had to be mine. It’s a bear with a skateboard! And there are palm trees on the sleeve! I wore this all the way home but since then it’s mainly been worn by Andy. Hmm. The actual jumper of dreams that they didn’t have in stock was THIS one. Beavis and Butthead representing Stussy in a big sloppy white sweater? Yes, oh yes.

f) BCBG Spike Headband – Man, the accessories at BCBG are good this season. I had about ten variations on this headband in my sweaty palms until I stopped to think about being 28 and buying ten spiky headbands.

g) Ricky’s No-Crease Bow Clips – I didn’t actually buy these, but they are from America and I did get them the other week from Christine who got them from me in NYC, where Ricky’s is based. I have harped on about these a lot but that’s because 1) look at them and 2) they’re really useful when you’re doing your hair. You basically use them to clip your out of the way while you’re doing your makeup  without living indents in your hair. Which probably sounds stupid, but when you’ve spent ages doing your hair, the last thing you want it a grip mark half way down. Probably one of those things that doesn’t cross your mind, but doing my job and spending a long time fannying around with hair, it’s a big deal to me. And now they’re mine!


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