Furcoat favourites: There’s a word for people like you

In Sheffield there’s a word for people who feel the cold badly; nesh. I never used to be nesh, but moving south has definitely transformed my inner thermostat. I am constantly freezing. In the office I have been known to sit under a blanket. I am wearing two dresses today, one basic jersey one purely serving as a snuggly bonus layer. My ASHISH x Topshop ski jacket is just about warm enough if worn with thermals, gloves, hat, scarf and triple-socks.

Regardless of whether you’re as nesh as I am, there’s no doubt it’s proper cold out there at the moment. Here are some things I’d like to use to tend to my extremities and… innertremities?

1) HeatTech Knitted Shorts, £9.90, Uniqlo – Cannot rave enough about HeatTech, ever. It is proper magic and has seen me through winters in Iceland and Norway and, indeed, Sheffield. Not so great when you’re getting on the tube and end up sweating like a beast but at all other times, A+.  Think these shorts are new for this year as I’ve not seen them before, but they seem a perfect alternative to the leggings that I usually wear.

2) Frauenschuh Wool Beanie, £140, Browns – I’d never heard of Frauenschuh until today, but any old German skiwear brand has got to know a thing or two about keeping warm. I’ve spent October in Hamburg and that was effing freezing, so I’m sure when it’s actually cold they’d pull all the stops out. And, still obsessed with beanies.

3) Bandana Scarf, £25, Lazy Oaf – It’s a SCARF and it has a BANDANA print. That just blows my tiny mind.

4) REN Rose Ultra-Moisture Serum, £42, Salon Skincare – This has been a winter favourite of mine since I first started writing about beauty. A little goes a very, very long way and if you slather it all over your face before bed you do legit wake up with a baby-soft face. Also, smells great. Who doesn’t link drifting off to a rosy-smelling face?

5) Amble Stripe Socks, £11.95, Barbour – As with point number two, a country-wear company is pretty much guaranteed to get warm socks right. Right? And you can definitely guarantee that a country-wear company are gonna nail offbeat colour combos – green and pink and violet and powder blue are my faves after this festive pair.

6) Markus Lupfer x Whistles Gloves, £45, Whistles – Markus Lupfer’s capsule collection for Whistles brings all the charm of his witty knits to the high street – to be honest my favourite things is the dog coat but as I’m sadly lacking in a pup, these gloves will have to suffice. They look pleasingly long too, which is handy as all my coats seem to have bracelet-length sleeves. That or I have freakishly long arms. Never considered that until now. Shit.

7) Nikka Whisky, £39.99, Selfridges – if in doubt, nothing beats a booze blanket.

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