Nan Goldin shoots Rodarte

Nan Goldin was one of my favourite photographers at college. Big deal, right? I don’t think you can go to art college and not think The Ballad of Sexual Dependency is an inspirational bible of ideas – I did a whole project around The Hug and still covet that dress dearly.

I’m not sure if it’s cool to still dig Nan as much as I do now that those days are behind me, but when I came across these pictures  that she’d shot for Grey magazine‘s Autumn/Winter 2012 edition I was pretty psyched. For this issue of the biannual hardcover ‘magazine’, Nan has shot the Rodarte archives which is just about a match made in heaven.

The grungy, gritty moodiness of Nan’s pictures is the perfect complement to the Rodarte pieces and the sisters’ general ethic of romantic but slightly dishevelled couture – there’s a real feel of a dark, slightly disturbing modern fairytale vibe throughout the story.

You can see the whole collection of images on Fashion Gone Rogue, which is also where these pictures are from.

Match made in heaven. You can buy Grey magazine for the mighty sum of $75!! to the UK, if online isn’t enough for you.

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