[Eniko Mihalik for Harper’s Bazaar US November 2011; Amanda Norgaard for New York Times T Style Winter 2010; Chanel Fall 201o; Naomi Preizler for L’Officiel December 2011]

When it’s time to party I will always party hard, so when ASOS asked me if I wanted to take part in their #BestNightEver party campaign the answer was obviously a resounding yes.

Being in the company of Charlotte Free and Azealia Banks is pretty dreamy – Ellie Goulding is exciting too, but after I lay at the backwash in a massage chair next to her a few months ago, I already feel like we’re pretty close. [HOB Salons Camden, FYI. Colourists to the stars. And me.]

There’s more to come from them at a later date, but for now here’s what I’m going to be wearing for my #BestNightEver this year. When it comes to Christmas and the fabled party season, I have a bit of a weakness for dressing like some kind of snow princess. Lots of white, faux fur and costume jewellery are all favourites at this time of year – despite the fact I never wear white as a general rule and despite the fact that I generally don’t like silver.

One of my former #BestNightsEver occurred at a work event when I wore some kind of Ronettes white chiffon sequin babydoll number with a white fur coat and the presenter said (on stage!! In front of 500 people!!) that I looked like the Snow Queen. AWE-SOME.

Dressing in costume is definitely a problem for me, but at this time of year I reckon it’s excusable. So here’s what I’m after.

1) ASOS Prom Dress, £65; 2) Limited Edition Crystal Aliceband, £12; 3) TIGI Catwalk Session Series Dry Shampoo, £12.95; 4) NARS Holiday Soft Touch Eye Pencil, £17; 5) Barry M Lip Paint in Baby Pink, £4.50; 6) ASOS Glitter Cat Eye Sunglasses, £12; 7) ASOS Jewel Lace Clutch, £30; 8) ASOS Stone Bouquet Stud Earrings, £12; 9) ASOS Multipack Gem Cocktail Rings, £12; 10) ASOS Social Metallic Pointed Heels, £35; 11) ASOS Snow Leopard Fur Coat, £75

The really good news is that you can get 25% off full-priced ASOS collection until the end of today (Thursday 8 November) – just because I feel like sharing my special-person code. Stick in SUPERGOODIE at the checkout to reap the benefits!


I went acoustic, to fit with my snowy princess theme. Andrew WK is totally a snow princess, isn’t he?


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