Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Fashionista reminded us that it’s a timely week to revisit the Balenciaga Did it First Tumblr. Au revoir, Nicholas, we will miss you and your big old clever brain. 

2) The late, great Vidal Sassoon was an enormous architecture geek and his house, which is now up for sale, is testament to that. Not just any old Beverly Hills house for him – Vidal was proud owner of a beautiful 1950s Richard Neutra place on Mulholland Drive. I submitted it to my favourite daydreaming site, WowHaus, and was MEGA excited to see them post it with my name on today! FAME.

3) The New Yorker had a really good article (well, duh) about Spotify and the problems that come with endless music choice. All Spotifiers duty-bound to read this please.

4) I’m not a film person at all really (my attention span is frighteningly short) but the 32 Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes still made for a good read. AND I’ve seen pretty much all of them! [Picutre: Sound on Sight]

5) London’s top ten jukeboxes. Pleased to see CroBar at number one. [Picture: Murfie]


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