More from Maria Francesca Pepe

When I like a brand I do have a bit of a habit of becoming ferociously loyal to them – see the Antipodium dress hunt as a case in  point. I have a tendency to be a bit obsessive about most things I like actually; that whole 1920s thing, you know? The fact I cannot rest until I have read every Persephone book in publication? Mainlining Mitford everything until I become a genuine Mastermind champion?

Maria Francesca Pepe is fast becoming a target on my hit-list. It’s a rare day that I don’t wear some MFP jewellery and because it’s so wonderful and eye-catching you inevitably end up with people asking you where it’s from which means I also spend a lot of time typing her name/website into people’s phones.

After attending the press preview of her new range recently I ended up putting in another order and it arrived this week – with one piece in particular attracting a lot of attention… See that safety pin R? Yeah, everyone in my office was pretty taken with that. “I like your… what is that? Is it a nappy pin?” Who knew that everyone knew what a nappy pin was in this day and age? As a side note, I did actually wear a nappy pin as an accessory in my youth – punk for life, you know?

Anyway, the letter safety pin is my new favourite thing and I also got the safety pin earring because, again, punk for life and that. And also Iso got it and I was jealous.

Unfortunately my order got a little bit lost in the post, so MFP also kindly sent me this R sleeper to soften the blow. And soften the blow it did, because there’s nothing I like more than initial jewellery.

The Complete Book of Dreams, incidentally, is a tome that spends a great deal of time open on my desk at work. The day can’t commence really until I’ve done some analysis of last night’s brain activity – and I wish I was joking, but I’m not. See, obsessive.

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