Sitting pretty

[Picture: WGSN]

I was so taken with this still of Arizona Muse from the Louis Vuitton debut TV campaign that my brain automatically got to thinking about editorials which have featured famous artworks.

I got nothing.

I’m kind of ill at the moment but I think more than that, there just aren’t many. Prove me wrong! Please!

Instead, here are some other editorials that I’ve bookmarked recently which have ‘sitting down’ as a common denominator. Not as much fun as artworks in editorials, but nice anyway I thought.

Love the Tenenbaum vibe of this Glamour France shoot. And the fact that there are BUNNIES and PUPPIES and CATS. [Picture: Fashion Gone Rogue]

Branislav Jankic shot Helmut Lang’s former muse, Cordula Reyer, for the Autumn/Winter 2012 edition of The Room. That eyebrow! [Picture: Fashion Gone Rogue]

Can’t get enough of the D&G in this How to Spend It shoot by Andrew Yee. Also, there are chicks on her head and she’s all nonchalant about it. What an absolutely beautiful editorial – I always like How to Spend It’s shoots, such a pleasant addition to something as theoretically dry as the FT. [Picture: Fashion Gone Rogue]


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