Scott’s of Thrapston brings Virginia Woolf to your very own garden

A woman must have money and a room of her own… And plenty of the former if she wants the latter.

Pretty much obsessed with this Scott’s of Thrapston replica of Virginia Woolf’s garden reading room at Monk’s House in Lewes. I saw the real deal earlier this year when Harriet and I went on our ramble around Woolfy’s old haunts with the good folk at Charleston and it really is a pretty blissful place to sit and while away the hours.

Well, I imagine it is. We had a nose around before some meddling/caring old woman started haranguing me about the fact that I hadn’t bought a jacket for our six-mile walk. In the sun. I MAY LOOK CASUAL, LADY, BUT I’M SERIOUS ABOUT WALKING.

Anyway, I spotted this in the Vogue Christmas gift guide and it’s already shot to the top of my festive wishlist. It may cost £10,000 but I can’t imagine that will get in the way of my loving and caring friends.

The ‘undeniably handsome’ hut contains a day bed (YES!), bookshelves (of course) and ‘period ironmongery’. No word on whether those spades are included, but I’d be tempted to accessorise with them anyway.

I really, really, really want this. I also really, really, really want a house with a garden to put it in but that’s a minor detail to worry about at a later date.

You can buy it (for me) here! And I highly recommend a visit to Monk’s House AND Charleston if you get the chance – even if you’re not a Woolf fan, they’re beautiful places.


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