Free Kitten, 1993

I had a quiet long weekend but instead of using it to catch up on this old thing, I spent it clearing out half the contents of the flat. This is for exciting reasons which some of you will know about and which others will find out about next year – don’t worry, it’s not a baby.

Amongst the books which I sent to the chazza was a Sonic Youth biography, which I seem to remember picking up from the Free Table of Crap in my last job. It’s a pretty good read if you’re into the Sonics but not the kind of thing I’m going to treasure forever, so off it went.

Before I boxed it up though, just wanted to take a picture of Kim Gordon and former bandmate Julie Cafritz in the guise of Free Kitten back in 1993.

Along with Jennifer Herrema, that’s the X-Girl advert right there.

By the way, ever tried Googling Free Kitten? You don’t get many pictures of Kim and Julie.


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