Topshop and Emma Cook’s winter wonderland (contains animals)


Emma Cook  is responsible for Topshop’s Christmas gift shop this year, bringing today a combination of her own designs and general nice things from the rest of the store. The Emma Cook Wonderland is ready to shop now both IRL and online and it’s packed full of fun and awesome things to suit most budgets. Bunny soap on a rope = winning secret santa gift. Spangly rosette dress = awesome party look.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of pink and shiny things and animals so I guess if that’s not your bag you should give it a miss – but then if you don’t like pink and shiny things and animals you probably have a heart of stone so you’re going to struggle to get down to Topshop anyway.

You can read what Emma has to say about her shop-in-a-shop here and buy the lot online here.


And for now, here are my favourites;

1) Deer Duvet Cover, £60 – oh my god shuuuuuuushhhhhhhh, there’s a deer asleep on the bed.

2) Print Party Dress, £140 – rosette print dress = you wrapped up as a big present.

3) Cable Marl Socks, £5 – you have to get socks at Christmas. Might as well be these pink ones.

4) Bunny Soap, £8 – BUNNY SOAP. He’s got a little paper hat that’s fallen over his eyes!! How festive is that?


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