My short and happy life as a famous blogger

I would definitely not be classed as ~~famous blogger~~ in anyone’s eye. Having a full-time job sort of gets in the way of most events (HEY, HOW ABOUT HOLDING PRESS DAYS OUTSIDE OF 9-5?) and I’m also frankly  a weird loser who prefers a Sammy Smiths Taddy and quiet pork pie  in the pub to an event where I might have to speak to actual people.

This week, however, two things happened.

1) I interviewed Charlotte Free for ASOS as part of their #bestnightever campaign in a funsy Google hangout. You can relive the fun in the video above – any comments about how northern I sound/how I end every sentence with an inflection/how weird my face is can be left below.

2) Time Out asked me to list my favourite secret London places a few months back and it went live this week. I’m sure they’ll be nothing new to those of you that follow this blog but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

PS That title is a Jessica Mitford reference – I’ve said it before, I think, but you should really read The Making of a Muckraker if you’re a journalist or interested in the world of hacks.


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