2012 footwear trends as predicted by Smash Hits c. 1988

Everyone knows how trends work and everyone knows there’s not usually such thing as a new idea, but it’s still nice to remind yourself of the fact – which is exactly what happened when I found this 1988 Smash Hits album in a record store today. That’s just four pairs of shoes that you’d see on the high street any day of the week, really, isn’t it?

I like to prove a point, so here is a 2012 replica of this 24-year-old album cover.

L-r: Reebok Pump Omni Lite (I designed my own), £ varies and American Apparel Stripe Calf-High Sock, £7; Underground Leather Creeper Brogues, £98, Polo Ralph Lauren Socks, £10 and Rotary Quartz Watch, £115; Shipton and Heneage Fox Motif Slippers, £185 (ACTUAL SAMESIES ONES!!) and Therapy Lurex Sparkle Ankle Socks, £4.20; New Look Star Print Ankle Socks, £1.99 and Topshop Kerrang Eva Brothel Creepers, £65

Just add Terence Trent D’Arby and you’re all set.



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