Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Persephone Books postcard

1) The Guardian did a lovely interview with Nicola Beauman, founder of Persephone Books. Harriet and I met her last night! We ate cocktail sausages and drank red wine and although the talk was brief, it was very nice. If you don’t know anything about Persephone Books, they would pretty much all make a smashing Christmas present. I love this guide which they put together to help you choose the perfect book for anyone. [Picture: Persephone Books]

Stevie Nicks stylist

2) Another interview – this time with Stevie Nicks’ stylist. And who wouldn’t want to read that? [Picture: FanPop]

Dr Buckles

3) It’s BBC 6Music’s fifth annual Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt to Work day. I’m not at work today, but I wore a Misfits shirt to the gym to do my bit. You can see a gallery of pictures here but obviously the highlight is this picture of  Dr Buckles. [Picture: 6Music]

4) The new Vogue documentary looks interesting, huh? Airs in the US on 6 December and I’m sure it’ll be on the internet shortly after. Side note; YouTube adverts are possibly the thing that makes me most angry about the internet.

5) Ten hours of bacon pancakes. Ten!


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