Buttery booze


[Picture: Brooklyn Galley which is a really, really good food blog FYI]

My best friend and I went to the pub this afternoon and on the mulled booze menu was HOT BUTTERED RUM.

I’ve always thought of myself as a booze aficionado but obviously I’ve been lying to myself all these years, because hot buttered rum had escaped my notice until now. I think (in my defensive) it’s a US thing as the majority of recipes that I’ve found have come from the States – and further investigation has also thrown up buttered rum Lifesavers, Yankee candles and shower gel from Philosophy, which I would call conclusive proof that this idea comes from the magical minds of Americans.

The idea of putting a stick of butter into some booze seems entirely wrong – and as far as cholesterol levels go, it entirely is – but it tastes magically delicious and completely obliterated my friend’s cold which means it presumably has medicinal benefits too.

I haven’t made any of my own yet – I’ve been too busy in the pub drinking it, obv – but here’s a recipe from Paula Deen. Because who knows butter better?

Hot Buttered Rum (makes one delicious drink)

  • 1 small slice of soft butter. I would suggested unsalted to save your arteries.
  • 1 teaspoon of brown sugar
  • spices of your choice – cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, cloves, that kind of Christmassy thing
  • vanilla extract
  • generous shot of dark rum (not Sailor Jerry for the love of all things buttery and boozey)
  • boiling water

Put the butter, sugar and spices in the bottom of a mug or other heat-proof drinking container of your choice. Mix well or muddle if you are that way inclined.

Pour in the rum then top up with a bit of hot water and a splash of vanilla. Stir it all together (with a cinnamon stick if you fancy like that) and drink that delicious buttery beverage down. Feel alive.

NB: Do not confuse hot buttered rum with Hot Buttered Rum.

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