Furcoat Christmas: Gifts for goths

This year’s Christmas gift suggestions are based around the varying facets of my personality – because I’m sure that everyone can find a bit of @furcoat inside them if they look hard enough.


Gifts for overgrown goths

1. Maison Close Villa Satine Black Bra, £41, MeMe – a far more tasteful way to do black satin.

2. The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole, all good bookshops – can’t be a goth without reading the original gothic geezer. #geezer

3. Fuckin’ Slayer shirt, $21.99, Slayer store – Christmas day outfit.

4. Pentagram Socks, £3.50, Topshop – I know, I know. And yes, I changed the colour to fit my theme.

5.  Vancouver Flatforms, £45, ASOS – hologram platforms = party season New Rocks

6. Black clove fags, all good weirdo shops – to smoke out of the window on Christmas day.

7. Oversized Cross Charm Sleeper, £38, Maria Francesca Pepe – if I don’t get any MFP this Christmas I will sulk like the overgrown goth I am.

8. Black Hairslides, £4, COS – matte black hairgrips. So chic.

9. Black Tootbrush, £5, Paul Smith – do they sell black toothpaste?

10. Neroli Roll-On Perfume, £28, Diptyque – patchouli in a fancy bottle

11. Black Tweezers, £4, Topshop – nice to have things matching, innit?

12. Oxford Leather Address Book, £13.50, Heals – this is dead tasteful.

13. Salem Candle, $50, Modern Alchemy– because the scent is described as, ‘a ravenous bonfire’.

14. FML Notce Cards, $18, Terrapin Stationers – I’ve wanted these for ages, it just seems like it should be our time, you know? #FML

15. Manolo Globe, £39.99, Zara – it’s a black globe. A black globe!

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